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Family Search – The Latter Day Saints  site- over 600 million families listed – probably the largest collection of genealogical information in the world – FREE download the genealogy program Personal Ancestral File, for your home PC.
Genealogy Homepage This is the most complete reference site we’ve found – lots & lots of great links !!!
The National Archives Access to Archival Databases  – all kinds of government records that might help you in your search
Ellis find the ones who arrived here
Family Tree Maker – one of the favorite software packages used by home genealogists and a website with lots of links
Genealogy and More
Cyndi’s List more than 74,800 links


National Genealogical Society 4527 17th St N., Arlington, Va 22207
Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 1-801-240-2331 2 billion names – Not just church members
National Society of Genetic Counselors 233 Canterbury Dr., Wallingford, Pa 19086


Genealogy Research Services scanning  photographs and organizing family information
Coats of Arms

SOCIETIES / ORGANIZATIONS – Genealogy Organizations


Just start with the Search Engines   Type in the name of the person you are looking for and you may be pleasantly surprisd to find them immediately.  Our experience is that most all of the search engines  search a different way and you will keep getting new info by trying new search engines or varying the combination of words.  Our favorites to start your search are: Google, Switchboard/Saavy Search, Lycos & Hot Bot