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General Medical Sites

*** WebMd
** National Center for Biotechnology Information – NCBI PubMed  –
search for articles on illnesses
MedicineNet – ask the doctor feature, medical dictionary, drug info & links
Medscape – sign in to use this ne – articles from sources like Nat’l Inst. of Health & CDC
Mayo Clinic
BioMed Central
Health & Medical search engine
HealthAtoZ – search various health topics
Hardin Meta Directory links to many other health & medical sites
Medical Matrix sign on to use – oriented toward professionals
Noah-health – New York Online Access to Health



Alternative Medicine
Dorland’s Medical Directory (may be available at your library)
Holistic Internet Community
Office of Alternative Medicine – Dr Wayne Jonas – 888-644-6226
American Association of Naturopathic Physicians
Wellness  – shop for alternative medicines


see below (medical dictionaries


American Medical Association many links & 650,000+ physicians listed

Drugs / Pharmaceutical

CVS – Information
Walgreens – Information

Health Tips/Family/Parenting/etc.

Health Tips that everyone should know
The Parenting
Baby Changing—breastfeeding tips


All Hospitals with web sites
Best Hospitals

Medical Conditions by topic

see also these topics under :
Support Groups
anxiety-panic-see newsgroups
arthritis- see newsgroups
asthma- see newsgroups
aids – see newsgroups
cancer – see newsgroups
cancer – OncoLink
crohns-colitis – see newsgroups
drugs– see newsgroups
depression -see newsgroups
American Academy of Dermatology dermatology
diabetes – see newsgroups
diet – see newsgroups
eating-disord – see newsgroups
fibromyalgia – see newsgroups
food allergy 
headaches.migraine – see newsgroups
Insomnia – Sleep-Net
infertility see newsgroups – see newsgroups
lyme disease – 
multiple-schlerosis – see newsgroups
multiple clerosis – MS Crossroads
The Parenting
stop-smoking – see newsgroups

Medical Dictionaries

Online Medical Dictionary
Medical Dictionary Online
M-W Medical Dictionary
MedicineNet MedTerms

Medical Abbreviations

Cancer Glossary
Mental Health Terms
Dental Terminology
Glossary of Vision Terms

Medical Questions ?

These sites may answer them – though many have been down in recent tries – we’ll leave them here in case it’s temporary & remove when we’re sure they’re no longer valid sites – feel free to tell us which ones have not worked for you – thanks)
OFCN Medical Clinics
The Internet Doctor’s Office
Family Docs
Dr Greenes House Calls

Medical Updates

Docguide the latest news on many topics & reviews of recent articles, etc.

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Health Privacy Project 
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