Directory of Restaurants
in the Philadelphia Pa Area


Phila Cheesesteaks – Results of a recent search for the best

John’s Roast Pork off Snyder Avenue near Columbus Boulevard won top honors in recent taste tests

Other places with great steak sandwiches

McNally’s H & J Tavern in Chestnut Hill – a fancy steak variation  Donkey’s Place in Camden – fancy variation
Tony Luke’s Old Philly Style Sandwiches on Oregon Avenue

Other well known places

Jim’s on South Street
Rick’s in the Terminal Market

Area Restaurant Guides

Zagats – One of the top sites that rates, reviews and orders them by neighborhood, cuisine, alphabetically etc.
Philly Restaurants
Restaurants Participating in Heart Healthy Program
Big Book Restaurants in Abington
La Padella – Grant Plaza – NE Phila  215 677-7723 Italian / Entertainment