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About the Internet
Glossary Of Internet Terms
Internet User Guides
Microsoft Internet Workshop:  – explains the internet terms & procedures
MSFT Icons

Advertise on Your Web Site

Web Explosion – great art at a reasonable price
Free Art – some free art requires that you credit them or link back or some may offer the art free but collect data from your computer that they may use – If you do not want to Link Back or share data , you must use art that is in the Public Domain or buy Art from someplace like Web Explosion (listed above)
Absolute Web Graphics Archive 
Gif Animations
CC net
A+ Art
Clip Art 
Bells and Whistles
Christine’s Graphics
Graphics Tools
GIF WizardLoad faster by shrinking graphics

IRC Guides

Cookies are a small data files that are sent by the visited site to the users computer and collects information both while you visit the site and even after you disconnect from the site. The next time you visit the site, that site can “read” the cookie and obtain information  about your  internet use, including what sites you visited, how much time you spent there and how much money you spent there. Sometimes this information is       complied and sold to internet marketers.
Illuminatus on Cookies

Complaints for Online Sites (see also Reporting/ Monitoring Sites below)
Directory of Consumer  Protection & Complaints 

CAUCE(Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-mail) find out about legislation that is in the works and support the efforts to control spam
NAGS(Netizens Against Gratuitous Spamming)
Precinct Houseinfo about on-line businesses & place to share problems
FTC Complaints
Info on Tracking forged spam

Counters – count hits on web pages
FastCounterfree web counters

Design – (see Web design)

Disputes/ Disagreements
Webassured – Help settle disputes between internet merchants and buyers – member companies agree to binding arbitration & agree to abide by the results

Domain Name

Directquest Directory of E-Mail         – includes free email accounts / email lists & list  removal/mail forwarding/ anonymous mail / etc

Employment / Seekers & Opportunities
WebWeek Career Connection or email

Finding Websites ( see Website Search below)

Savetz’s Unofficial Internet Public Domain Index internet oriented development tools photos clipart & information lliterary scientific & engineering
The Free Site – Banners etc
The Free Website Directory -make & host your site for free

GIF Wizard Load faster by shrinking graphics

Francodome create a free guestbook – (they put banner ads on it )

Hardware , Software & Shareware

CNet’sLearn HTML: CNET
HTML Reference
HTML Editors
Front Page
Hot Dog

Instant Message System
ICQ stay in touch by knowing which of your friends is on-line when you are.  Free download & trial

ISP ( Internet Service Providers )
Boardwatch ISP’s across the US
Cynet Florida
The List (a list of internet service providers – over 4,000) – isp
Alta Vista  – free isp
Icom  host domain names for 8.25 per mo

Internet Magazine
Hot Wired
The Net Online
PC Computing
PC Magazine
PC Week Online
PC World Online

Mailing Lists & List Servs
Directquest’s Directory of Mailing Lists

News about the Internet

Marketing Your Website
see website marketing below

DirectQuest’s Directory of Newsgroups

Payments On-Line


Rates Websites
Recreational Software Advisory Council rates Internet sites (RSACi) as well as software

Filtering Software to protect children
SURFWATCH tested the best per consumer reports – only 4 of 22 tested sites got through as reported in Focus on the Family Magazine
CyberPatroltested second by consumer reports let six of 22 tested sites through as reported in Focus on the Family Magazine
Cybersitter tested third best by consumer reports letting 8 of 22 tested sites through as reported in Focus on the Family Magazine
Net Nanny When tested by consumer Reports let 22 of 22 tested sites through as reported in Focus on the Family Magazine
Internet Filtering Software

Reporting / Monitoring Sites with Harmful info
Internet Intellegence or intermediariary groups
E-Watch – monitor rumors/ wrong info
EclipZe -monitor rumors/ wrong info
CyberAngels  – look for sites that threaten violence, suicide etc.
Third Voice – post notes about a site that are only visible to other Third voice users

Registering Website (see Website Registration below)

Software Guides for Parents
Entertainment Software Rating Board ESRB 845 3rd. Ave, New York, N.Y. 10022
Search on-line the ESRB data base of over 3000 titles. You can enter the game’s title or search by publisher, keyword, rating, and even platform To search esrb’s on-line games or interactive web sites rated by the ESRBi visit:
Recreational Software Advisory Council rates Internet sites (RSACi) as well as software

Searching the Net
DirectQuest’s Search for People, Places Things on the Net
see also “Search Engines”

Search Engines
DirectQuest Directory of Search Engines

Service Providers (see ISP’s- above)

Shopping On-Line
Products & Services/Shopping

see “complaints”

Webrings in every topic imaginable

Website Design & Development Tips
Design & Development Tips & Resources
Freecode – Internet Programming tools – cgi forms/ email forms etc.
Really Big Complete Resources for web developers
Pat Connor’s Web Development Tips
Webmastering tips
Capia Awards – awards to great website design

Web Design & Development Tools
Screen Views
WEB SITE GARAGE at nominal fee, you can get screen grabs of your site in almost every type of browser about 12 total. A great tool for checking load time as well. get screenshots of your page from many browser $1 per site 26 browsers tested.

Tracking- WebTrends – statistics on hits, browser use, failures etc
StatMarket checks who goes to your site – how often etc
Website Garage Increase Traffic
TATTLETALE is a free service that performs hourly       connection checks to make sure that your web site is up and running.
WebSiteSecrets. Members get notified of free Internet conferences in their geographic area, resources, videotapes, and more…..
Merchant credit card account-providing merchant status to startup Internet companies:

Website Designers & Developers
DirectQuest’s Web Developer       Gallery

Website Marketing
AOL Hotlinks
Video Tutors All new video program shows you insider secrets of successful Web site marketing
Corey Rudl.- unique promotional techniques online starting a business online… & how to promote it.

Website Promotion
Traffic Boost submit to 500 search engines
Submit it!
Link exchange : swap banner ads with other sites
123 Link  link exchange or site promotion on other engines
DirectMedia Group
NETSUBMITTERsoftware that automatically submits your website to 500 search engines.

Website Registration

Website Search
(How to find a certain website site )
DirectQuest Directory of Website Searches