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Smart Engines – The current leader – Microsoft’s new search tool
Starting Point type your selection in once and you can choose lots of directories one after the other without retyping
Metacrawler searches about 8 search engines & tries to get rid of Duplicate sites looks through many search engines & brings back all it can find
Copernic one gives you the search engines around the world Ways to search smart engines that saves time going down the list of engines because it’s handy on every page use the search feature on your browser engines that rate sites- pulling out the best available comprehensive list of most all engines – some are “topic specific” like medical search engines written Internet Guide – it may get you where you’re going just fine. Given the ever-changing nature of the net, it’s likely not to have all that exists available. ***********************

Browser Search tool- look on your toolbar at top of page Rated, reviewed or organized sites
The Open Directory Project – many other search engines use this organized site to find info on a topic
DirectQuest – you’re already in it !!! Organized
Point Site Nomination –Sites offered by net users as their favorites Comprehensive Lists of Internet Search Engines

See WebSite Promotion on our Internet Page Also – use the engines to Look up Metatags. Proper use of Metatags will help your site be picked up by the different Search Engines.