College Process Step by Step revised

1. Make list of college choices 3 reaches/ 3 fin safety /3 academic safety/ Others of interest ( Jr. yr )

2. Make Profile incl. all activities/grades/ awards/spec. interests to prep for interviews ( Jr. yr )

3. List anticipated questions & practice responses for interviews ( Jr. yr )

4 . List questions about the college that you want to know, for tours & interviews ( Jr. yr )

5. Schedule visits and interviews (Three excused absences allowed by school ) ( Jr. & Sr. yr )

6. Enhance profile – Do extra community service and internships (summer )

7   Recommendations
a. List Teachers counselors etc who might give recommendations.
b. Talk to the teachers you would like to have recommendations from.
c. Put together Teacher Recommendation packets (By Oct. 1)  include:   Teacher Evaluation Form / Stamped Envelopes /      Profile / Courtesy letter thanking them in advance / Adresses of schools etc
d.  Ask other teachers with whom you have a good relationship to write down any nice things they can think of about you & send to your counselor .

8. Write several Essays
a.  Topics such as person or event that has influenced you most/ the courses you love most & why/ a current event that affects you
b. Brainstorm / Create outline/ Review with someone
c. Finish at least 2 essays (By Sept. 1)

9. Schedule Overnight Stays at Top Choices (Oct – Feb)

10. Conference w/ guidance counselor: (By Sept. 20)
Questions: SATIIs Send or not? Take again or not?
How many days are acceptable to take for overnighters / interviews?
Tips for interviews
Tips for financial aid applications & interviews
Scholarship & grant opportunities
Will he interview your teachers & coaches & make summary of the best things about you to write a  reccommendation himself

11- Application– Go over Common App. – fill out a “test” run

12. Find out about Scholarships and Grants available from Library computers (By Sept 25)

13. Visit

Colleges overnight (Oct-Feb)

14. Check Profile

be sure most recent activities have been added (By Oct 1)

15. Apply to 5 top choices (By Oct. 1)
a. Complete the common application (3 stamps on each-so school can include extra info)
b. Get & Fill out permission to transfer student records form
c. Get activity sheet from school make sure its correct
d. Sign & return to school release form for them to release records

16. Complete and send rest of Applications (By Nov. 1)

17. Fill out Fast Financial Form (By Nov 1)

18. Fill out Scholarship & grants Applications (By Nov 1)

19. Parents Do Financial Aid Conferences (By Oct. -Nov)

11. Get Financial Aid Forms (Fast & FAFSA) (By Dec. 1, when they come out)

20. Parents Finish Taxes & File FAFSA form (By Dec. 1)

21. Gather Portfolio Materia  (ie Piano Tape/ Art renderings/ Web page print-out) (By Jan 25)

22. Respond to colleges (Mar-May)

23. Send Final Grades to the college chosen (By June 1)

24. Go to college

have lots of fun learn a little By 2004