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FAFSA – The Free Application for Federal Student Aid – find out your       expected family contribution
Financial Aid
Financial Aid Search
Fin Aid – (The Financial Aid Information Page)
US Dept Of Education
US Dept of Education – financial Aid info
National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
Scholarship Index – college sponsored scholarships
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Scholarship Form Cover Letter
American Counseling Association(may have info on scholarships)

Finding Loans

The Scholarship Advisor by Chris Vuturo Random House lists thousands of scholarships
College Financial Aid, The Best Resources to Help You find the Money by Resource Pathways, Inc  evaluates books, software , websites & other sources

Scholarship scams

  • the FTC’s web site (  will include information regarding scholarship scams and how to avoid them;
  • Sallie Mae’s own web site ( will have information about scholarship scams; and it will publicize this       campaign to colleges, universities and banks through its newsletters;
  • eleven Interactive Service Association members (such as The Electric Library and Kaplan Online) will post public service announcements on their web sites and on-line services for students trying to find scholarship information on line;
  • the Educational Testing Service and ACT, Inc. (formerly, American  College Testing), both of which administer standardized tests for admission to college and graduate school,
  • will include warning messages about scholarship scams in their mailings to millions of students over the coming school year; and
  • the National Association of College Stores will distribute consumer  education materials through their 3,600 members.