Questions for the College Tour

How many students go here?
What is the tuition?
What is room & board?
What are the most popular majors? (What is the school know for)
What % of freshman starting out will graduate ?
What % graduates in four years?
What % goes to graduate school?
What % gets a job right out of school ?
Hours from home?

% of students on Financial Aid
What methodology is used for fin aid?
Main criterion to receive the most aid?
Amount of Grant $ available?
Average award?

What is the range of SAT scores of the students that go here?
What is the GPA of the students that go here ?

What do you like to do for fun around here?
Is entertainment mostly on or off campus?
Coed Dorms?
How many live on Campus?
— in 1st year?
—-in subsequent years?
In what year can you live off campus?
What % goes Greek?
In what year can you go Greek?
Are Greek houses on or off campus?
TV’s in room?
Cars on Campus?
car as Freshman?
TV in the room?
What is the community like?
How rated nationally for safety?

When will I have to declare my major?
What are the most popular majors?
How many students are in (your preferred major)?
How many professors are in (your preferred major)?
What is the average class size in majors classes? Extremes?
How strong is your department in my preferred major at the present time?
Double majors?
Minors available ?
Internships available in your major ?
Co-op programs available in your major?
Study Abroad in your major?
Can I meet with someone in my major?

Honor system?
Attendance at classes required?

How many clubs/organizations?
Do they have your favorite sports as a team?
Do they have your favorite sports as intramurals?

How often will I be taught by a teaching assistant?
What % of professors have doctorate?
How many grad assistants will you be taught by?

What is the Student teacher Ratio for college overall?
How many students will be in your level one classes?
How many students will be in your subsequent classes?

How many times a year will you see your Advisor?
Is your advisor in your major?
Do you have career counseling?
Name corporation that interview here in my major?

Are major involved internships available?
Do students make their own internships?
Internships available ?
Co-op programs available?
Study Abroad?
How many study abroad exchanges are you involved in?

Internet set-up in room?
Availability of computer help?

When will I not have access to food?

When should you apply (deadline)?
Application Fee?
Can I take an application home today?
What do you look for in an application essay?
What is the average GPA? Extremes?
What is your average SAT? Extremes?
How are SAT’s, GPA’s, Activities, etc… weighed?
Value of  SAT II’s? Average scores?

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